How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles Naturally

The under eye area is the foremost area that is vulnerable to aging. Wrinkles being its first sign, is caused due to saggy skin under the eyes. It starts with fine lines but as

Protein-Rich Soy Patties (Kebab) Recipe

Soybeans are considered to be a source of ample protein. It serves as the best replacement for animal products as it is said to have complete protein, unlike the other beans and veggie products.

Things You Should Know About hCG Diet Plan

The hCG diet plan is perhaps one of the newest “innovations” when it comes to weight loss. If it’s slimming down we are discussing, there are lots of diet programs available that claim to

How to reduce belly bloat

Ever wondered why your waistline looks slimmer in the morning but heavy and fatty later into the day. The tummy that looked flat in the morning suddenly looks ‘pregnant’ by midday. A puffed up

5 Simple Exercises For Lower Back Pain

The sedentary lifestyle has caused chronic lower back pain in millions of adults in America and around the world. An average office worker sits for about 9-11 hours. Recent studies have revealed that sitting for

Is it really possible to lose body fat in a week?

What to do for rapid fat loss? Is losing body fat in a week legit? These questions are often asked dietitians around the world. Obesity has now reached epidemic proportions. Being obese or overweight can increase

Low-Fat Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe

Fettuccine alfredo is everybody’s favourite. If you’re cutting down on fat, this low-fat fettuccine alfredo will satisfy all your requirements for a great recipe! It is quick, easy to make, and sure to become your

Top 5 Best Home Workout Programs

Life was so much easier and fun when we were young. Back then weight gain was never a concern. We would play all day long, just lie down on bed exhausted and fall asleep.

I Cured My Hairfall With This Herbal Shampoo!

What is the first thought to strike your mind when you plan to get ready for a party or a social event?  How will I do my hair, isn’t it?  Well, for a majority

5 Simple Protein-Rich Vegetarian Breakfast Options

There is a widespread belief that vegetarian diets tend to be lower in protein than non-vegetarian diets. There is various plant source of proteins, but they lack adequate essential amino acids. However, vegetarians can get