Is it really possible to lose body fat in a week?

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health GuideWhat to do for rapid fat loss? Is losing body fat in a week legit? These questions are often asked dietitians around the world. Obesity has now reached epidemic proportions. Being obese or overweight can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer and hence the marketplace today is deluged with rapid fat loss claims. So the question arises – Is it really possible to lose body fat in a week?

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Given that we’re not talking about a massive fat loss here, yes, it is possible to lose 2 pounds of body fat in a week. Alternatively, you can starve yourself and exercise rigorously for hours to lose maximum fat as quickly as possible, but this will also cause you muscle loss and fatigue. You will also have a hard time maintaining that fat loss and keeping it off over a long term. The question that should be asked is – How can you lose body fat safely while maintaining your health?

If you’re looking to lose body fat in a week, then you certainly have to stick to a stringent diet program and exercising schedule. Self-discipline will play a major role in the achievement of your goal. Here are few tips for smart and lasting fat loss:

Tip 1: Food swaps

Forever, swap all your food intake with a healthier choice.

You need to understand that good nutrition to your body will help you lose fat more quickly and integrating this habit into your daily life will help to keep fat at bay.

says, Kimberly Snyder, The NewYork times – Best Seller and Nutritionist:

“Losing weight is all about making smart decisions. There is no trick or secret formula to being slim and healthy. It’s simply about making smart eating choices and staying active.”

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Tip 2: Move your body

Sedentary lifestyle accumulates a lot of fat in your body. You need to move your body constantly to shed this accumulated fat. Besides following your daily exercising routine, try exerting a little effort whenever possible. Go for a long walk or swimming, take up the stairs. These are all cardiovascular activities that burn fat. Aim for daily 90 minutes of cardio exercises for rapid fat loss.

Tip 3: Measure your calorie intake

A calorie is a unit measurement of the amount of energy in food. You add calories into your body with whatever you eat or drink. In order to understand how much energy your body needs, you have to verify the number of calories in foods you consume. The amounts of calories you should take depends on various factors like your age, height, weight and your daily activities.

It is also necessary to vary your calorie intake.

says, Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease):

Once your body gets used to consuming the same amount of calories every day, your weight loss naturally levels off to match what you burn. For example, your body simply adapts to 1,800 calories and stops slimming down.

To keep your body working hard at shedding those pounds, vary your caloric intake. Consume 1,800 calories one day, then reduce it to 1,600 calories the next day and up to 1,700 the following day. Keep this pattern going and your body will have to exert more energy to make adjustments, which can trigger bigger weight loss”

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Tip 4: Increase your daily protein and greens intake

This is an important part of the process. Besides measuring your calorie intake, also find out your daily recommended value of protein. Proteins are essential as they help to maintain your muscle mass. A high protein diet will boost your metabolism and curb appetite, helping you burn fat.

A diet comprising a combination of protein and fibrous greens will accelerate fat burn.

Tips 5: Cut down on carbs

Low-carb and high-fat with medium proteins is the best strategy to burn body fat.  A research on few obese people who were served low-carb meals for 8 weeks revealed, that they burned around 4% more body fat than who were given low-fat meals. Another study on more than 60,000 dieters found people on the low-fat diet three pounds heavier than those who consumed low-carb diet.

These strategies will definitely help for quick and lasting fat loss – way to go! But before starting any diet program, don’t forget to consult your health advisor.

Try these tips for a week and come back on this page to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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