Healthy Food Swaps For Weight Loss

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health GuideIt is a well-known fact that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Moreover, you should also know that it is 80 % psychological and 20 % physical. Weight loss is all about making the right decisions. To start with, swap all your food intakes with healthier choices. Because when it comes to losing weight, it’s the little efforts that count. These healthy food swaps will help to cut down as much as 500 calories and change your life forever!

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Change your life with these healthy food swaps 

1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits instead of chocolates or cakes:

It is hard to satisfy sugar cravings when you have a sweet tooth. In order to lose weight, we will not suggest you go on a complete sugarless diet, but you can always choose fruits like banana, apple, or strawberries over chocolates and cakes.

2. Choose black coffee over your favorite cappuccino:

If you’re a coffee lover, drinking it black will be most helpful for weight loss. Because espresso beverages like cappuccino, mocha and latte contain hundreds of calories. Unlike black coffee, they are flavored with cream, milk and added sugar which causes weight gain. Whereas, black coffee is calorie-free.

3. Stir/pan fry instead of deep frying:

If you’ve been eating a lot of deep fried foods, then you certainly don’t love your body. They are high in calories and contain loads of fat. Deep-fried foods are the worst foods for your body not only in a weight loss perspective but also from the point of view of your heart health, in the long run. The more you eat fried foods, the higher risk you are at, for heart failure.

4. Choose whole wheat over white:

Whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta are rich in fiber and good for weight loss unlike white bread or your regular pasta.

5. Order salsa instead of creamy dips:

Creamy cheesy dips make a great compliment to nachos, but they’re full of fat. This makes them a complete no-no for the weight watchers. So next time you gorge yourself on nachos, go for low-fat salsa dips instead.

6. Red wine over beer:

Basically, any type of alcohol is bad for your liver as well as the waistline. Beer is known to contain some ingredients that shut down the fat-burning process in your body. The majority of the people who drink beer on a regular basis, develop oodles of belly fat, which provides a sense of meaning to the term ” beer belly.”

Red or white wine contain lesser calories than beer. There are many other good reasons to drink red wine. Good for the skin and good for the heart are some of them. Other better alcoholic options are dry champagne, vodka, whiskey.

7. Cook at home instead of eating out:

When you’re at home, you have a full control over cooking and that is why you’re bound to make a healthier meal for yourself. Whereas eating outside does not give you the privilege of choosing healthier ingredients for your meal.

8. Choose a smaller plate over your regular one:

It is often suggested that in order to lose weight you must follow portion control. This means that you should eat frequently throughout the day, like every two hours, but cut down on your meal portion. To eat smaller portions, it is necessary to downsize your plate. When you eat in smaller plates, you will end up eating only the necessary.

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