I Cured My Hairfall With This Herbal Shampoo!

What is the first thought to strike your mind when you plan to get ready for a party or a social event?  How will I do my hair, isn’t it?  Well, for a majority of us, it is. Especially for the ones who don’t have flattering hair to flaunt.  In that case, your flawlessly perfect body or even a striking dress flaunting your feminine silhouette, will not give you enough confidence boost.

I have a particularly thin hair type. But over the past few years, they became dry and brittle. To combat dryness, I tried dozens of commercial products available on the market. The flashy advertisements allured me to try each and every commercial shampoo that bragged to do wonders for my hair. I was trapping myself into the rat race between famous brands. This resulted in further worsening my hair. Not only my hair started frizzing more, they actually started to fall out.

Why Are Commerical Shampoos Bad For You?

All commercial shampoos are loaded with chemicals. If they claim that they don’t, they’re simply lying. Two of the worst chemicals that are present in these shampoos are SLS – sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as sodium laureth sulfate and Paraben. The reason these chemicals are used is that it creates lather which makes them effective cleansers. However, SLS is actually used as an irritant in clinical studies. That means it is used to cause irritation. The harmful things SLS can do to your body includes:

  • Hair fall: SLS causes irritation which can damage hair follicles and cause hair loss
  • Skin Irritation: Shampoos containing SLS can cause allergic skin reactions
  • Eye Irritation: You may have experienced pain and irritation when shampoo gets into your eyes. This is caused by SLS. Eye contact to this chemical can cause severe or permanent damage.

Paraben is very commonly found in gels, cosmetics, and shampoos. There are many types of parabens you can find among the ingredients mentioned on the bottle. The six types of parabens most commonly used in shampoos are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutyl paraben, butylparaben and benzyl paraben. These are actually preservatives that help to extend the shelf life of the product, but prolonged exposure to this chemical can cause allergic skin reactions and even cancer, in serious cases.

Commercial shampoos made my hair thin and they started to fall extensively. I knew it was high time I switch to an herbal shampoo. Herbal shampoos do not have harmful chemicals. So your hair fall reduces plus they are made with natural products like flowers and medicinal plants which provide natural treatments for your hair.

Herbal Shampoos – My Experience with Khadi Herbal Shampoo Shikakai HealthEnlight Your Daily Health Guide

I started researching online and bumped into Khadi products. Khadi is a leading supplier and manufacturer of natural and herbal items in India but their soaps and shampoos are globally reckoned. They have a variety of shampoos to treat all types of hair damages. I ordered Khadi Herbal Shampoo Shikakai as I wanted to get rid of my hair fall.  Shikakai has been used in India for centuries as a natural shampoo to maintain hair beauty. It promotes hair growth and strength.

In my experience, Khadi Herbal Shampoo Shikakai HealthEnlight Your Daily Health Guideis the best I have used so far. It reduced my hair fall considerably and provided natural shine and bounce to my hair.

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health Guide

What I love about this shampoo:

  • The smell of this shampoo is so heavenly and herbal, that I fell in love with it right away! It’s simply intriguing.
  • Gave my hair much-needed bounce and shine
  • Hairfall reduced to a minimum
  • It is much cheaper and easy on the pocket

The only problem you might face using herbal shampoos is that it doesn’t make hair smooth right away after use like commercial shampoos do, but focuses on damage repair. With proper oiling and right conditioning, you even attain the smoothness you desire.

Will I refer this shampoo?

Absolutely! I will advise everybody not to fall into the trap of false advertising and hop onto herbal shampoos instead, like Khadi Herbal Shampoo Shikakai to extend your hair’s longevity.

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