Why Do People Snore And What Causes Snoring?

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health GuideWhy do people snore is the first thing you would ask out of concern if it happens to you, or your partner frequently. Snoring is a very common fact and the majority of people snore occasionally. The snoring sounds you make during sleep is the noisy breathing. It usually isn’t a thing to be worried about until it happens frequently, hampers your sleep, and that of your partner’s too.

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Why do people snore?

Snoring is caused due to obstruction of the air passage through nose and throat during sleep. Basically, your neck muscles which keep the airways open, sometimes relax so much that it closes the air passage and becomes too narrow to pass enough air to your lungs. Due to this, the surrounding tissues vibrate which causes snoring sound.

Snoring is also linked with a serious condition known as sleep apnea. People suffering from this disease stop breathing for about 10 seconds or more repeatedly during sleep. This can cause serious problems as the brain and other parts of the body may not get enough air.

How to stop snoring?

Snoring can be caused due to various reasons. To stop snoring, you need to identify the exact cause. Join your partner or a family member in identifying why and how you’re snoring. This observation of your snoring pattern when you’re asleep will be helpful to a great extent.

What causes snoring?

1. Being overweight – Being overweight or out of shape contributes to snoring. When you’re overweight or carry an excess weight, your neck muscles also thicken, narrowing the air passage to your lungs. Exercise daily to lose those extra pounds.

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2. Sleeping positions – Your sleeping pose also has a major impact on your overall health. It is considered as one of the common causes of snoring. Lynn A. D’Andrea, a sleep specialist at the University of Michigan Medical School, explains.

“A common observation suggests that snoring improves if the person sleeps on his side or in a semi-upright position rather than on his back. To encourage this position, many snorers have tried solutions ranging from sewing a tennis ball to the back of pyjamas to propping up on wedge-shaped pillows.”

3. Alcohol, Smoking – Alcohol and medications relax your neck muscles, making it harder for you to breath during sleep. Avoid its consumption right before going to bed. Smoking, on the other hand, swells the neck muscles that allow air passage. This leads to narrowing the airway due to which you snore. Avoid smoking as much as possible.

5. Nasal and sinus – If you have blocked nose or a sinus problem, you’re likely to snore. When you suffer from allergies or soar throat, the nose and throat tissues swell which leads to snoring.

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