Walking Or Running: Which Is Better?

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health GuideCardiovascular fitness which is also called aerobic exercise is important for your body as it improves the supply of oxygen-rich blood from heart and lungs to the muscles. Both walking and running are excellent aerobic exercises. But when it comes to choosing between walking or running, which is better?

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Walking is the easiest form of exercise to stay fit and healthy mainly because it can be done anywhere and anytime, whether you are going to the class or taking your dog for a walk. When compared to other exercise routines like going to the gym, walking seems preferable as it doesn’t need any type of equipment. Moreover, walking will not strain your back or put stress on your joints, hips, ankles, unlike other exercises. It is available to everyone and can be performed by people of all ages. According to the studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Tennessee, it was found that post-menopause, women who walked few miles a day lowered their risk of blood pressure and reduced rate of strokes significantly. The benefits of walking include:

  • Weight loss: Brisk walking regularly helps in weight loss and burns body fat. Brisk 30-minute walk burns 200 calories.
  • Heart health: Walking promotes heart health. Lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart.
  • Bones: Strengthens your bones. Helps to prevent osteoporosis. ( Tips To Improve Bone Health And Prevent Osteoporosis
  • Lights up your mood: Reasearch shows that people who walk every day, tend to be happier and stay in a good mood compared to those who don’t.
  • Improves sleep: People suffering from sleep disorders should take morning walks every day for an hour. Studies found that walking helps to fight insomnia and improves sleep. Irregular sleep patterns can lead to depression and anxiety. (Tips To Cope With Anxiety And Depression)
  • Good for the joints: Most of the joints get their nutrition from the joint fluid that circulates on movement, like walking.
  • Lowers Alzheimer’s risk: Walking has been found effective in lowering the risk of Alzheimer


Running is another easy form of aerobic exercise which is beneficial for the health. Everyone knows how to run. No skills or equipment needed. All you need is a good pair of shoes to head out and run. Running has numerous health benefits from helping in stress to strengthening your bones. Scientists have shown that besides improving your body, running also improves the quality of your mental and emotional life thus helping you to live longer. The benefits of running include:

  • Mental Health: Running lightens up your mood and keeps you happy throughout the day
  • Weight control: Running burns loads of calories. It is a perfect weight loss workout.
  • Prevents high blood pressure: Running helps to keep your arteries fit which in turn keeps your blood pressure normal
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system: You become less prone to illness if you have a habit of running every day
  • Helps relieving stress: You seem to feel calm and relaxed
  • Stronger legs: Running helps you build flexible and stronger legs. Helps to get rid of cellulite
  • More control: When you make a habit of running, you’ll have more confidence and control over your body.

Walking Or Running: Which Is Better?

Walking and running are the most common cardio activities followed by the Americans. But whether one is better than the other for good health has been debated for years. While walking also provides the same benefits, running has the edge over walking when you’re looking to lose excess weight. Running burns 2.5 times more calories than walking. So if you wish to lose significant weight, running is the best workout. Having said that, running has its own cons too. The intensity of running can be hard on your heart. New studies claim that too much of cardio can damage your heart.Walking is ideal for people who are not overweight but aim to exercise for overall health and to improve life longevity.

Conclusion? It all depends on what you want to accomplish and choosing what suits best to your body depending upon your personalized goals.

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