Track Your Daily Calorie Intake Easily

There are various ways nowadays to keep track of the foods you eat. Free health and fitness apps like MyfitnessPal can help you lose weight by tracking on your daily calorie intake.

Here’s another web app: is a web app that immediately shows you nutritional information for any food stuff you type into the search box. You can create a list and update all food stuff and it will give you the total calorie consumption with other nutritional information.

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health Guide


Calorie counter for Indian cuisine:

The calorie counter apps developed in the west are unable to account for the calories in Indian cuisine. But now there is an amazing app for indians to get in shape. HealthifyMe app allows you to track everything from thousands of Indian foods. It asks you to make your profile and set a goal weight to come up with your personal daily budget. Once you set the goal, follow the budget, and you’re all set for the weight loss journey!

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health Guide


Like all other apps it gives the nutritional details for any indian food stuff you enter into the search box. It breaks down your food activity starting from breakfast to dinner, so that you can update it throughout the day and track your total calorie consumption.

The premium users can connect to experts, ask questions, get feedback and valuable guidance to achieve fitness goals.

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