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HealthEnlight Your Daily Health GuideAlcohol addiction is the certainly the most common addiction problem among the people of the United States. Nearly 17 million people suffer from alcohol dependence, also known as alcoholism. You are an alcoholic if,

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You start lying or avoiding:  When you start lying to your family about your drinking habit or avoid drinking in their presence, it is a sign that you’re addicted and having a hard time resisting alcohol.

You drink to relax: People who are addicted, consume alcohol to feel relaxed or overcome emotional feelings like stress, anxiety, depression, and success.

You’re unable to resist: An alcoholic person finds it very hard to stop drinking once they start drinking.

You’re having withdrawal symptoms: A lot of people confuse a hangover with withdrawal. Hangover is the reaction to over drinking of alcohol. While withdrawal happens due to lack of it.

What are some withdrawal symptoms of alcohol?

You start feeling tired, stressed, and anxious when you haven’t had a drink. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can begin in few hours after the last drink. Other symptoms of alcohol withdrawals include insomnia, fatigue and also severe complications such as seizures and delirium tremens.

How much alcohol causes withdrawal symptoms?

Drinking high levels of alcohol like beer or about one gallon of wine, every day causes withdrawal symptoms. If you feel you’re drinking too often and too much, you must find ways to control your habit. Cutting down on drinking is one of the best ways to start. But it’s always good to check with your doctor. Doctors suggest that people who are dependent on alcohol or suffering from medical problems must stop drinking completely. You can join a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and take help from drug and alcohol addiction counselor. There are several alcohol rehabilitation clinics all over the Unites States that can help you fight the addiction with alcohol and drug recovery programs. If you’re not addicted but aware of your excessive alcohol intake, here are some helpful tips on how to stop drinking alcohol.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

  1. Note down the reasons for cutting down. Listing the reasons and checking them when you feel tempted to drink will motivate you.
  2. Avoid late gatherings in pubs. Watching others drink will induce craving.
  3. Set a limit of how much you will drink at a time and keep a track.
  4. Try to skip drinking twice a week. This will help you limit your drinking.
  5. Note down the usual time you drink and get busy or distract yourself with other work for that period. Take a walk, go for a movie, etc.
  6. Do not store alcohol in your house. Having no alcohol in the house will help you limit your intake.
  7. Practice saying no to people who ask you to join them. Stay away from anybody who encourages you to drink.
  8. Find support from family and friends. Ask them to support and help you out.
  9. Limit your stay with heavy-drinking friends.
  10. Monitor your feelings. You might feel tempted to drink when you’re angry, stressed, or having anxiety issues.
  11. Prepare yourself for the temptation. Plan about various things you can do to cope with it.

These tips are also helpful for people who’re looking to stop the habit completely. Keep trying. You might fail in controlling your habit in the first few attempts, but a little more effort will turn failures into glorious success and bring in a healthier change.

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