Control Your Anger And Aggression By Avoiding These 4 Foods

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Anger and aggression is a natural phenomenon in humans. Everyone has experienced anger at some point in their lives. However, some of us exhibit anger into throwing things or violence, perhaps by hitting someone hard and knocking them down. Various studies have been performed to understand what really fuels the different levels of human anger and aggression. Doctors often link certain elements or lack of nutrients in food with antisocial behavior.

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Does this mean, food can affect your mood?  Over the past 20 years, many scientific studies have echoed this fact that how you feel most certainly depends on what you eat.

Case study: George, a talented young sales manager, was eminent for his humorous and kind behavior among the fellow delegates. However, one morning, in an important meeting, he became aggressive. Over the next few weeks, George became quite threatening, when he reacted violently and lashed out at a colleague physically. He knew it was high time he should seek medical help. The doctors suggested that drinking alcohol suppressed George’s ability to evaluate the people’s intentions around him, radically changing his character. George realized the effect that drinking was having on his career when even a small amount of drinking alcohol made him aggressive. With self-discipline and control, George has now given up alcohol and his career is thriving again.

Foods that trigger the feeling of anger and aggression


Lots of people drink alcohol but not everybody become angry and aggressive. A study suggests and people who have a tendency of suppressing anger when they are not drunk, exhibit hard feelings after they drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol increases their risk of becoming aggressive and violent.

Besides pent-up rage, personality trait can also be the cause of such behavior, studies suggest. People who get irritated very soon or have poor anger control are more likely to become aggressive or violent after alcohol intake.

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Refined Foods

Theories suggest that refined foods are low in chromium. When sugar is refined, it loses traces of chromium in the process. Chromium is vital as it metabolises sugar. It is due to chromium that insulin effectively controls the blood’s glucose levels. When glucose level drops, the brain receives less than its usual quota of glucose which may trigger aggressive behaviour. Refined foods also lack important nutrient like thiamin. Studies suggest that people who follow an unbalanced diet with more refined foods have a low intake of thiamin and as a result are highly aggressive, impulsive and sensitive to criticism.


Your caffeine intake can make you cranky if you don’t consume it moderately. Consuming more than 600 milligrams or 4 cups of caffeine daily can lead to mood changes like anger. Withdrawal can lead to anger.

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Wheat and Milk Products

According to, The main allergic response to wheat and casein in milk products is possible brain inflammation, which can cause hostility.

Foods that control anger and aggression

There are several foods that can help keep anger away.

Vitamin C is known to combat stress and anxiety. Kiwis and green vegetables have a high content of Vitamin C. Other foods that can help to reduce stress and thus control anger include, coconut milk, dark chocolate, turkey, soy, spinach, almonds, avocados, broccoli, oats, kidney beans, bananas.

Eat Plenty of:

  • Wholegrain foods, leafy vegetables, and fruits

Cut down On:

  • Wheat and milk products
  • Sugar
  • White bread, cakes, biscuits
  • Tea or coffee


  • Alcohol

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