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I Cured My Hairfall With This Herbal Shampoo!

What is the first thought to strike your mind when you plan to get ready for a party or a social event?  How will I do my hair, isn’t it?  Well, for a majority

4 Best Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Who doesn’t want long, lustrous, and beautiful looking hair? Hair is obviously the paramount aspect of your looks. So, here are some amazing home remedies for hair growth which will help you to grow a

6 Simple Home Remedies For Dandruff

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing moment when you’re in a party, all dressed up and get caught scratching your head vigorously followed by a shower of white flakes onto your dress? Itchy scalp is not only an

Health Benefits of Spinach

Remember why Popeye loved spinach so much? It was the superfood that gave Popeye his strength as soon as he consumed it. While the leafy green stuff won’t inflate your biceps and make you

Health Benefits of Almonds

Is almond your favourite nut? Then you’re certainly getting loads of nutrients with good taste. The health benefits of almonds are huge. Just a handful of almonds daily will keep many health issues at bay.

Get Straight Hair Naturally Using Milk

Do you wish for silky, straight hair without undergoing harmful chemical treatments? Milk sprays can help you achieve that! Milk has a natural moisturizing ability. The protein in milk fortifies the hair shafts making the

Natural Hair Straightening Treatment With Hot Oil Therapy

Hot oil therapy is one of the simplest hair straightening treatment to keep your hair smooth. The heat of the oil gets absorbed in your hair better that will relax the waviness and curls of your hair. Regular use

Straighten Your Hair With Lemon And Coconut Milk

Who doesn’t wish for gorgeous, smooth, silky straight hair? We all have tried tons of products and treatments to tame those tresses permanently. Although, the chemical treatments give you the perfect poker straight hair you’ve