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Car Accident Whiplash: Symptoms And Treatment

Car accidents happen every day, in all parts of the world. Luckily, not all of them are fatal but you can become vulnerable to the side effects of car accidents. Besides damaging your vehicle,

Acute Sinusitis – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

What is acute sinusitis? Acute sinusitis which is also known as acute rhinosinusitis is the inflammation of membranes in your sinuses. Unlike chronic sinusitis, acute sinusitis is a short-term infection that lasts for about a week

6 Dental Health Facts You Should Know

When you have a beautiful smile, it becomes an autograph of your personality. And it is the healthy white teeth that make a beautiful smile. For ideal dental health, you should be aware of all

7 Medical Reasons for Weakness and Tiredness

Weakness and tiredness, are the symptoms of body fatigue. Most of the time, these symptoms result from common reasons like poor sleep, boredom, lack of exercise, hectic schedule, anxiety. These fatigue symptoms are temporary

Home Remedies For Oral Thrush

What is Oral Thrush? In case you see some white rashes which look strange inside the mouth, it might indicate that you have incurred the condition named thrush. In fact, it is a type

How To Improve Bad Eyesight

Your eyes work constantly throughout the day, more than any other part of your body. Even right now while you’re reading this. It is absolutely impossible to conduct any activity without having a clear vision.

How To Curb Sugar Cravings?

It is so hard to resist sugar cravings when you have a sweet tooth. And it is completely ok if you indulge in something sweet once a day. But it is NECESSARY to resist

How To Get Better Sleep?

Thomas Dekker, an English Elizabethan dramatist, and a prolific writer, beautifully summed up the concept of sleep in his quote : “Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.” Sleep indeed is

Why Do People Snore And What Causes Snoring?

Why do people snore is the first thing you would ask out of concern if it happens to you, or your partner frequently. Snoring is a very common fact and the majority of people

How to reduce belly bloat

Ever wondered why your waistline looks slimmer in the morning but heavy and fatty later into the day. The tummy that looked flat in the morning suddenly looks ‘pregnant’ by midday. A puffed up