6 Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health GuideThis Halloween, skip the packaged candies and serve your kids with healthy Halloween treats that are delicious, easy to make, and fun to eat!

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Get recipes for the hauntingly delicious treats here:

1. Colby Jack O’ Lanterns

The cheesy Colby Jack o’ lanterns made with cheese and whole grain sandwich thins makes a good combination of fun and health for the kids.

Get the recipe here – Colby Jack O’ Lanterns 

2. Mexican Pumpkin Punch

Treat your kids with pumpkin as a drink! Pumpkin punch made with pumpkin puree, pumpkin chunks, and a splash of rum.

Get the recipe here – Mexican Pumpkin Punch

3. Witches Brooms

Try out this creative and fun looking treat that will be tempting to eat. This recipe using pretzel sticks and string cheese suits best for the occasion.

Get the recipe here – Witches Brooms

4. Haunting Vegetable Eyes

Hauntingly eye-shaped treat that will be a super fun to eat. Vegetables like, carrots, olives will keep a check on the health quotient.

Get the recipe here – Haunting Vegetable Eyes

5. Spooky Cupcakes

Trick and treat them with spooky pumpkin cupcakes.

Get the recipe here – Spooky Cupcakes

6. Chocolate Pretzel Webs

How about a delicious looking chocolate web? Satisfy the kids’ candy cravings with this salty sweet combo.

Get the recipe here – Chocolate Pretzel Webs


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