5 Healthy Leftover Rice Recipes

HealthEnlight Your Daily Health GuideWhat do you do when you have a pot full of leftover rice in the fridge? Well, it isn’t really a problem. The rice versatility makes way for plenty of amazing leftover rice recipes. You’d definitely want to bless your eaters for the leftover rice!



Fried Rice:

Fried rice is one of the most popular Chinese dishes and it tastes best when made with leftover rice. Leftover rice makes a crispy fried rice as it doesn’t stick in the pan. Make it healthy with adding lots of veggies instead of bacon. Try this recipe for Vegetable Cauliflower Fried Rice  from organicauthority.com.


If fried rice isn’t your thing, these Italian rice balls are the best possible use of leftover rice. It is not the healthiest snack but worth trying. Just roll the leftover rice into balls and dip them in the breadcrumbs. Shallow fry until golden brown.

Rice Casserole:

Casseroles usually make the most delicious creamy, cheesy, pasta dishes. Try baking a healthier casserole with leftover rice and plenty of veggies. Find this amazing recipe for Cozy Autumn Rice Bake on glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.in.

Vegetable burger:

Instead of having the same old restaurant style burgers, make one at home yourself using the leftover rice. Try this recipe for Chickpea Brown Rice Veggie Burgers from MarthaStewart.com

Rice Salad:

Most certainly the easiest and healthiest way to make use of the leftover rice. Chilled rice is usually preferred into salads, but you can also reheat if you like. Just add the leftover rice with any of your favorite salad vegetables, ingredients and enjoy.


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